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Thighplasty is a specialized surgical procedure that aims to reshape and enhance the appearance of the thighs. This popular cosmetic surgery is particularly beneficial for individuals who have experienced significant weight loss or those who have noticed sagging skin and loss of skin elasticity due to aging.

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What is a Thigh Lift?

A Thigh Lift, also known as Thighplasty, is a cosmetic surgery aimed at improving the appearance and contour of thighs. It is commonly sought by individuals who have excess skin, stubborn fat, or sagging tissue in the thigh area, often due to factors such as significant weight loss, aging, or genetics.

If you’re considering this procedure after weight loss, Dr. Landford recommends that you’re at a steady weight for at least 6 months and that you’ve already achieved your goal weight. This is because weight fluctuations can interfere with results post-thigh lift surgery.

To lift the inner thighs, Dr. Landford makes strategic incisions that extend from the inner thigh to the groin area. The specific technique may vary depending on the patient’s needs, however, the remaining skin is then carefully repositioned and tightened to create a smoother, firmer, and more toned contour. This results in a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing appearance, boosting your self-esteem and allowing you to feel comfortable and confident in various clothing styles, including shorts, skirts, and swimsuits.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Thigh Lift?

If you are uncomfortable with the appearance of your thighs or if your thighs just make you uncomfortable in general, then a Thigh Lift may be what you’re searching for. In general, we have found that at Landford Plastic Surgery, the best candidates for a Thigh Lift have:

  • Loose, sagging skin and excess fat in the thigh area
  • Achieved a stable weight and are committed to maintaining it
  • Good overall health and do not have any medical conditions that could hinder the healing process.
  • Have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the procedure
  • Nonsmokers

How Much Does a Thigh Lift Cost in Washington DC & Baltimore?

The cost of a Thigh Lift at Landford Plastic Surgery in Washington DC & Baltimore will vary on numerous factors, including the technique used, anesthesia fees, and surgeon fees. After having your Thigh Lift consultation, Dr. Landford will create your procedure plan and with this information, our team will be able to show you a complete breakdown of your surgery.

What Should I Expect During a Consultation for a Thigh Lift?

At Landford Plastic Surgery, our priority is your safety, comfort, and satisfaction. Our highly skilled and compassionate surgeon, Dr. Wilmina Landford, is dedicated to helping you achieve your dream figure by providing individualized care and personalized attention throughout your journey. We understand that every patient is unique and that is why we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs and desires.

When you come in for your initial consultation for a Thigh Lift, you will meet with Dr. Wilmina Landford who will take the time to understand your goals and concerns, answer any questions you may have, and develop a customized treatment plan that aligns with your unique goals.

Once a treatment plan has been agreed on between you and Dr. Landford, our team will schedule your surgical date and time and you will be provided with a list of instructions to follow that will help make the most out of your experience.

How Do I Prepare for a Thigh Lift?

Before a Thigh Lift, we ask all of our patients to follow our transformation plan. While there may be some directions tailored strictly for you, we have provided some examples of what to do:

  • Avoid smoking, must quit 8 weeks before surgery
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Have prescriptions filled before surgery
  • Meal prep to make lunch and dinners simpler
  • Prep your recovery area so you don’t have to move around too much during your initial recovery
  • Stop taking medications that increase bleeding. These include aspirin, specific supplements, and anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen.
  • Complete a medical evaluation and blood tests

What are the Benefits of a Thigh Lift?

Getting a Thigh Lift at Landford Plastic Surgery in either Washington DC or Baltimore will focus on the inner and outer thigh to maintain proportions during the procedure. This surgery addresses many issues related to age, weight loss, or pregnancy. Some of the most common benefits of the procedure include:

  • Improved body proportions
  • Elimination of excess skin and fat
  • Enhanced self-confidence
  • Ends chafing and discomfort


What are the Steps of a Thigh Lift?

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, so once you arrive for your procedure and have met with Dr. Landford one more time, you will be brought to the operating room and sedated. In some cases, several surgery techniques are combined for the best results.

When performing a Thigh Lift surgery, Dr. Landford focuses on removing any excess fat and sagging skin. The incisions are typically placed along the inner thigh, hidden in the natural crease where the thigh meets the groin. The Thigh Lift surgery technique and location for the incision will depend on the overall contour of the thigh and the amount of excess skin to be removed. The surgery may be combined with Liposuction to remove excess fat.

Depending on the amount of tissue addressed, small drains may be placed under the skin to collect any excess fluid or blood that may accumulate during the initial healing process. A light dressing will be applied to your thighs following your surgery and you may be fitted for a soft compression garment to prevent excessive swelling.

While each patient will have a different experience, which includes the length of time for the procedure. On average, most thigh lifts take between three to four hours.

Surgical Techniques for a Thigh Lift

There are several surgical techniques for performing a Thigh Lift (Thighplasty). The specific approach used will depend on your Body Contour and the extent of the correction required. The main surgical techniques for Thigh Lifts include:

Medial Thigh Lift (Inner Thigh Lift)

Focuses on improving the appearance of the inner thighs. A few common types of incisions can be used to approach inner thigh laxity. The incision may be placed in the groin crease or it may extend downward towards the knee. Dr. Landford will discuss your options during your pre-operative consultation.

Outer/Lateral Thigh Lift

Targets the outer thigh and hip area. This incision is made along the upper hip region, extending towards the back. Excess skin and fat are removed and the remaining skin is tightened to enhance the outer thigh’s appearance.

Spiral Thigh Lift (360 Thigh lift)

This is the only procedure that targets the entire circumference of the thigh. It treats the inner and outer thighs by achieving a more balanced and harmonious contour throughout the entire thigh region.

Mini Thigh Lift

Some patients may qualify for a mini thigh lift. This procedure requires a small incision in the groin area.

Thigh Lift Recovery

Concerned about the recovery process? Fear not! We are committed to ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience throughout your Thighplasty journey. The recovery after a Thigh Lift (Thighplasty) can vary depending on the extent of the surgery and your healing process.

After surgery, you will spend some time in the recovery area under observation. Once you are stable and the effects of anesthesia wear off, you will be allowed to go home the same day in most cases.


Swelling and bruising are common after a Thigh Lift and may persist for several weeks. You will need to wear your compression garment to support the healing process, reduce swelling, and help the skin conform to its new contour. Proper wound care is crucial for optimal healing and minimizing the risk of infection. While scars are an inevitable part of your surgery, your surgeon may provide recommendations for scar management to help them fade and become less noticeable over time.

It may take several months for the swelling to fully subside and for the final results of the thigh lift to be visible. The appearance of the thighs will continue to improve over time.

Why Choose Us?

Wilmina Landford, MD is an aesthetic plastic surgeon who specializes in Body Contouring procedures, including Thigh Lifts, possesses the necessary skills and expertise to perform the surgery with precision and attention to detail. She is well-versed in the complexities of thigh anatomy and can tailor the procedure to address your unique needs and aesthetic goals. In addition to her eye for detail and vast knowledge of cosmetic plastic surgeries, Dr. Landford is widely recognized for her calm and pleasant demeanor paired with an incredible ability to produce stunning results.

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