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Male Breast Reduction Surgery, also known as Gynecomastia Surgery, is a cosmetic procedure at Landford Plastic Surgery in Washington DC and Baltimore aimed to reduce the size and improve the appearance of enlarged breasts in males.

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What is Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Male Breast Reduction Surgery involves the removal of excess breast tissue, fat, and skin to create a more masculine chest contour. The surgical technique at Landford Plastic Surgery may vary depending on the individual case, but it typically includes liposuction and excision of glandular tissue for optimal results. Male Breast Reduction surgery can help men with Gynecomastia achieve a flatter and more defined chest appearance, boosting their self-confidence and improving their overall body image.

Who is a Good Candidate for Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

At Landford Plastic Surgery, we find that the best candidates for receiving Male Breast Reductions are anyone looking for help with the following ailments:

  • Excessive breast tissue: Candidates should have noticeable breast enlargement, whether it’s unilateral (one side) or bilateral (both sides)
  • Hormonal imbalance or other causes: Gynecomastia can be caused by hormonal imbalances, genetics, weight gain, or certain medications. Candidates should have a clear understanding of the underlying cause of their condition
  • Good overall health: Candidates should be in good overall health, free from any serious medical conditions that could increase the risks of surgery or hinder the recovery process
  • Stable weight: Candidates need to have a stable weight, as significant weight fluctuations can impact the results of the surgery
  • Realistic expectations: Candidates should have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the surgery, understanding the limitations and potential risks involved
  • Psychological well-being: Gynecomastia can have a significant impact on a person’s self-esteem and body image. Candidates should have a positive mindset and be emotionally prepared for the surgery
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How Much Does Male Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Washington DC and Baltimore?

The cost of Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Washington DC and Baltimore can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the procedure and the patient’s needs. It is best to consult with Dr. Wilmina Landford at Landford Plastic Surgery, for a personalized assessment and cost estimate specific to your needs and goals. During the consultation, she will evaluate your condition and provide you with a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in the procedure.

What Should I Expect During a Consultation for Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

The journey to the dream chest contour you’re seeking starts with a consultation with Dr. Wilmina Landford at Landford Plastic Surgery. In this appointment, we will discuss your concerns, medical history, and goals for the procedure. Our team will perform a physical examination of your chest area and may recommend additional tests or imaging to assess the extent of Gynecomastia. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, learn about the surgical options available to you, and discuss the expected outcomes and potential risks of the procedure. Dr. Landford and her team will then work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and desired Breast Reduction results.

How Do I Prepare for Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

To ensure a smooth and successful Male Breast Reduction Surgery, we recommend following these guidelines before your treatment:

  • Follow pre-treatment instructions provided by our team
  • Stay properly hydrated by drinking an adequate amount of water
  • Get sufficient rest before your procedure
  • Take note of any concerns or questions you may have and bring them up during your appointment for clarification and discussion

What are the Benefits of Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

At Landford Plastic Surgery, we have seen remarkable transformations in our Male Breast Reduction patients from Washington DC and Baltimore, with individuals experiencing results such as:

  • Improved self-confidence
  • Enhanced physical appearance
  • Increased clothing options
  • Improved posture
  • Enhanced physical activities
  • Emotional well-being
  • Long-lasting results
  • Sculpted chest

What are the Steps of Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

When you come for your Male Breast Reduction Surgery, we will welcome you with open arms and confidence for your new journey. The process involves several steps to address Gynecomastia.

First, you will be given anesthesia, as Dr. Landford will make incisions in strategic locations based on the procedure plan.

Second, excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin will be removed, and the nipple may be repositioned for improved symmetry. The incisions will be carefully closed, and you will receive post-operative instructions for a smooth recovery.

These exact steps may vary depending on your specific case and the techniques used by your surgeon.

Surgical Techniques for Male Breast Reduction Surgery

There are a few specialized techniques when approaching Male Breast Reduction Surgery, these include:


This technique involves the removal of excess fat from the chest area using a thin, hollow tube called a cannula.


This technique is used to remove glandular tissue or excess skin through incisions made around the areola or in the natural creases of the chest.

Combination Technique

In some cases, a combination of Liposuction and Excision may be used to achieve the desired results, especially when there is a significant amount of both fat and glandular tissue present.

Where are the Incisions and Scars for Gynecomastia?

At Landford Plastic Surgery, we believe the technique is a form of art when it comes to surgery. The incisions and resulting scars for Male Breast Reduction Surgery depend on the specific technique used and the individual patient’s needs. In cases where Liposuction is performed, small incisions are typically made in inconspicuous areas, such as the armpit or along the lower edge of the areola. For excision techniques, incisions may be made around the areola or in the natural creases of the chest, resulting in scars that are strategically placed to minimize their visibility. The exact placement and extent of incisions will be discussed with Dr. Landford during the consultation.

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Gynecomastia Recovery

Recovery after Gynecomastia Surgery typically involves a few weeks of healing and post-operative care. Our patients may experience some swelling, bruising, and discomfort in the chest area, which can be managed with pain medication and wearing a compression garment as recommended by the surgeon. It is essential to follow all post-operative instructions provided by our team, including proper wound care, avoiding strenuous activities, and attending follow-up appointments for monitoring and assessment of healing progress. Most of our patients report a full recovery, and final results can be expected within a few months, during which time the scars will gradually fade.

Why Choose Us?

Discover your path to renewed self-assurance with Dr. Landford, a distinguished plastic surgeon specializing in Male Body Contouring and Gynecomastia correction. With a profound understanding of male anatomy, Dr. Landford crafts personalized surgical plans that harmonize with your unique physique. Her remarkable expertise in sculpting masculine chest contours ensures results that not only alleviate Gynecomastia but also enhance your overall body aesthetics. Entrust your transformation to a surgeon who not only possesses exceptional skill but also recognizes the significance of anatomical precision in achieving your desired appearance.

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