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If your hands are making you feel self-conscious and you are longing for a more youthful appearance then look no further than Dr. Wilmina Landford, a highly-trained plastic surgeon serving the Washington D.C. and Baltimore areas.

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What is Hand Rejuvenation?

Hand Rejuvenation is a specialized procedure in Washington DC and Baltimore that targets the signs of aging on the hands, including volume loss, thinning skin, prominent veins, and age spots. As we age, the skin on our hands loses elasticity, leading to a more skeletal appearance. Our Hand Rejuvenation techniques, performed by Dr. Landford, aim to restore your volume, improve skin texture, and reduce the visibility of bulky veins and age spots, resulting in more youthful-looking hands. This can be achieved through a combination of dermal fillers, fat grafting, laser treatments, and skin resurfacing techniques, all tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

Who is a Good Candidate for Hand Rejuvenation?

The best candidates for Hand Rejuvenation are individuals who are experiencing the signs of aging on their hands and wish to improve their appearance. Candidates for Hand Rejuvenation in Washington DC & Baltimore:

  • Have noticeable volume loss on the hands
  • Have thinning skin with visible veins
  • Want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots
  • Desire more youthful-looking hands
  • Are in good overall health and have realistic expectations

How Much Does Hand Rejuvenation Cost in Washington DC & Baltimore?

The cost of Hand Rejuvenation treatment in Washington DC and Baltimore can vary depending on various factors such as the extent of the treatment area, the number of sessions required, and the specific techniques used. During your consultation with Dr. Wilmina Landford at Landford Plastic Surgery, she will evaluate your concerns and develop a personalized Hand Rejuvenation treatment plan tailored to your needs.

What Should I Expect During a Consultation for Hand Rejuvenation?

The first step towards beautifully rejuvenated hands is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wilmina Landford at Landford Plastic Surgery. During this initial appointment, Dr. Landford will evaluate your hands, listen to your concerns, and discuss your goals. She will then create a personalized treatment plan tailored to address your specific needs and achieve the desired results. Dr. Landford’s expertise and compassionate approach ensure that you receive the highest level of care and attention throughout your hand rejuvenation journey.

How Do I Prepare for Hand Rejuvenation?

To prepare for Hand Rejuvenation you must:

  • Follow a consistent skincare routine recommended by Dr. Landford
  • Minimize sun exposure and protect your hands with sunscreen or protective clothing
  • Temporarily discontinue blood-thinning medications or supplements, if advised by your healthcare professional
  • Stay well-hydrated

What are the Benefits of Hand Rejuvenation?

Hand Rejuvenation offers a range of benefits that go beyond mere aesthetics. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Youthful Appearance
  • Improved Skin Texture
  • Enhanced Volume
  • Reduced Pigmentation

What are the Steps for Hand Rejuvenation?

On the day of your Hand Rejuvenation at our practices in Washington DC or Baltimore, your comfort and satisfaction are top priorities. To ensure your maximum comfort during the procedure, Dr. Landford may administer local anesthesia or apply a numbing cream, depending on the techniques and treatments involved in your Hand Rejuvenation. Once you are ready, Dr. Landford will skillfully execute the chosen rejuvenation techniques, which may include dermal fillers, fat grafting, laser treatments, or skin resurfacing, tailored to your specific needs. Following the procedure, our medical team will closely monitor your well-being and provide you with post-operative instructions for a smooth recovery.

What are the Surgical Techniques for Hand Rejuvenation?

Hand Rejuvenation can be achieved through various surgical techniques, these techniques aim to restore volume, improve skin texture, and reduce the appearance of age-related changes in the hands:

Fat Transfer

In this technique, fat is harvested from another part of the body, such as the abdomen or thighs, and injected into the hands to restore volume and rejuvenate the appearance.

Dermal Fillers

Injectable fillers, such as hyaluronic acid-based fillers, can be used to replenish lost volume in the hands and reduce the visibility of wrinkles and veins.

Laser Treatments

Laser technology can be utilized to improve skin texture, reduce age spots, and stimulate collagen production in the hands, resulting in a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels involve the application of a chemical solution to the hands, which exfoliates the top layers of the skin and promotes the growth of new, healthier skin cells.


This technique involves the use of a device that gently exfoliates the skin, removing dead cells and stimulating collagen production to improve the overall texture and appearance of the hands.

Hand Rejuvenation Recovery

After your Hand Rejuvenation, it is normal to experience some temporary swelling, bruising, or discomfort in the treated area. Recovery time may vary depending on the extent of the procedures performed, but most patients can expect to resume their normal activities within a few days to a week. Dr. Landford and her team will provide you with specific aftercare instructions to promote optimal healing and minimize any potential side effects. It is important to follow these instructions carefully to ensure the best possible outcome.


Why Choose Us?

Choosing Dr. Wilmina Landford for your Hand Rejuvenation needs in Washington DC and Baltimore is a decision backed by expertise, experience, and a commitment to exceptional results. Dr. Landford is a highly skilled plastic surgeon with a passion for helping her patients achieve natural-looking results. She combines her technical proficiency with an artistic eye to deliver personalized Hand Rejuvenation treatments that enhance your natural beauty.

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